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I believe that Beauty is more than skin deep. I would prefer a plain, even slothful school teacher over a dapper thug  for a neighbor.  Just as what a person does;  how he or she came to be who they are,  and how they support the values we hold in common,  is more important than what they look like, and is in fact what makes them attractive.

A building too must be judged beautiful on more than it's appearance.

A building is not an island.  It is an integral part of a living artifact; our built environment; a city, a town; our communities.  The built environment is an expression of a collective will, and the clearest articulation of the aspirations of a civilization.

An Architect is a guardian and custodian of the built environment, and must see to its health and vitality as a doctor that of the human body,  a gardener to his garden. The  survival of our built environment is under threat, because of an imbalance and lack of harmony between the dynamics of the natural and manmade world.  Our mission is to bring back into the fold of nature the work of Man. An architecture that does not do this is unsustainable.

We seek to go beyond merely reducing our impact on the natural world.  We look to nature for inspiration, We look to nature as "model measure and mentor" and a living laboratory  that has sustained life for 4 billion years. We look to nature knowing that in its fold lie the paradigm for beauty, elegance, grace. We look to nature for the technology and solutions that will bring the human family home from exile to the place of its birth.