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Student work

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People constantly refer to the ability to draw as a gift you are either born with or without. I present myself to my students as a living example of a refutation of this notion.

Drawing is a learned skill, just like writing is. I continue to teach myself how to do so every day. One may not ever be a Durer, or a Picasso but one can learn can draw to communicate, just as one can learn to write to do the same. 

Graphic communication is an essential skill for all Design professionals.  It is a process of discovery of the world around you as well as the world within. It can be source of inspiration and tremendous personal satisfaction.

Design Drawing 100 is an introductory course for design students with little or no previous experience with graphic  communication. It aims at familiarizing students with orthographic projection drawings.

Students undertake to do a complete set scaled, freehand plan, elevation, section and detail drawings of historic structures. In the process of doing so they explore how to read, understand and communicate three dimensional spatial concepts, on two dimensional media,  through the use of line work, detail, color, texture, light & shadow.

Students are encouraged to use diverse media, including pen, pencil, watercolor and conte crayon; to establish a personal individual "hand" within the framework of accepted standards and conventions in the design profession.

The course includes regular pinups where students are taught to objectively critique and learn from their classmates.  Students are required to keep a sketchbook during  the course. The content of the sketchbook does not effect their final grade.